Stephanie T. F. Baker
Artwalz Project


Let me introduce myself. I am an artist. I have arranged to show one or two paintings of mine in a small window space in a retail business: Zee Continental Jewelry, Inc., 1546 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA. My purpose is to experiment with the presentation of my artwork. I want to know if the unification of my paintings, sculptural creations, and collection of castoff objects, will open conversations about art. I like the possibility that art creates a social space in addition to its many forms of material expression. Artwalz Project is the name I have given to this experiment.

For me, paintings do foster a distinct chatter. I actually hear it. A phonetics of cultural expression bound to the heart of a painting. The painted image I believe a coupling of multiple disciplines. Art history, literature, photography, technology, current events, sculpture, kitsch- a sensorium of experiences which engage my imagination. The population of forms I have committed to paint on canvas, as if different personalities crisscrossing a landscape of unpredictable outcomes. My paintings reflecting on a vision of daily life as absurd theater, personal detachment, cruelty, Nature as an invisible place, a tough version of scarred beauty bound in survival to the next day.


Artist Resume and Bio available by request. Copyright 2022 S. Baker 



1546 Polk Street San Francisco, CA 94109