S. Baker

Artist Statement

Firestorms, atmospheric rivers, plague disease. Sometimes I believe I'm in a bad horror movie. Nope. This is contemporary life. I move forward through the tragedies by maintaining my painting practice. Maybe I am recording my timeline as an artist for the future, or simply warding off a general feeling of civil disintegration. Nevertheless, my deep involvement with painting is my method for emotional expression and interpretation of incongruent relationships between people, environments, and inanimate energies. Images foreground in scenes of psychological trauma. Strangers pushed together. A fragmentation of organized social interactions. My imagination triggered by details of communication like the gesture of a hand or flash of an eye. The woke survivor adrift in a sea of souls. A theatrical iconography influenced by cross pollination of art history, ecosystems, habitual routines, surfing, strange forms, personal joy and pain. Set amongst an imagined island chain of low lying rock and sandy soil reminiscent of California landscapes where I live on the West Coast. My vision of the seaside with a slippery undercurrent of cruelty. The race is to move forward for survival. To beach a new state of normalcy. But my artwork asks, "where exactly is normal?"

CV and Artist Bio available by request.

Copyright 2021 S. Baker


1546 Polk Street San Francisco, CA 94109