Artist Statement

Martial arts taught me moving composition. This is when my body watches myself making art. I integrate the mind-scape with one of a selection of identities and a feeling of three dimensional structure of various forms shifting at angles through space. As I occupy the boundaries of a studio box each vision of myself painting is as different as each painting that creates itself. The paintings become a strange duplicate vision of the studio, actually attempting to the best of their ability, to replicate each other. Sometimes I know I am just in the way. The repetition of my body movements becoming a ritual call to the identities that make the paintings. This art practice is a calculated strategy for me to negotiate a hostile world seemingly on the edge of catastrophe. My attempt is to communicate an apology to the earth, and remind the viewer of the harm a split second of microaggression can unravel- on a fellow traveler. 



1546 Polk Street San Francisco, CA 94109


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